How to Get The Perfect Photo

Santa and Mrs Claus LOVE children. The entire reason they created The Santa House was to provide an intimate and special experience for families and children to do what they need to make sure everyone is comfortable and be able to get the best photo possible.

Crying babies are not fun for anyone. We will take the photo if that’s all we can get, but there is a way that works through to get at least one good photo!

We’re going to walk you through that here.

The trick is to not let them see Santa. Even if they are normally okay with strangers, or have met him before. First, turn the baby so that they are facing you. Talk to them, distract them, help them giggle if need be. You will then place them onto Santa’s lap, facing the camera, ¬†and get out of the way as quickly as possible. The photographer will get their attention as much as possible and get the shot. Then, and only then, will Santa let them turn so they can see him. Sometimes, it all works out and they love him. Most of the time though, they are concerned and get stressed out.

Sometimes, this happens with older children too. We will take however long is needed to make your child calm and enjoy the experience. Usually, if we take some time to let them explore the room and calm down, we can get a picture, even if family is involved.

Let us work with your child, using the experience of so many years as a mall Santa to get your child as comfortable and happy, without pushing or forcing, to get a perfect picture.

Also, make sure to come dressed and ready to join in the picture as need be. Sometimes, they need their adult to join them and make it work.

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